Our values

Our values

We are a value-driven company with customer satisfaction as our main focus. Each of us is committed to serving your interests in an independent and professional manner, so that you are 100% satisfied with our services.

1. Strict independence

ABIL is absolutely independent from insurance companies. This aspect is inherent to the notion of broker and we are therefore naturally very attentive to it. This means in particular that:

  • we only defend the interests of our clients, not those of the insurance companies;
  • to the extent ABIL’s remuneration takes the form of commissions paid by insurers on insurance premiums, (a) the level of commission has no influence on the principle of independence, and (b) the client can at any time ask us to be informed of the level of commission paid;
  • no chargeable services are rendered on behalf of insurance companies and we do not receive any remuneration or benefits from business volumes.
Strict independence

2. Specialisation


We are convinced that specialisation is necessary in the field of corporate risk insurance. We are therefore not generalists, but specialists in financial lines and transactional insurance as well as in corporate risk management. In addition to our professional background, we continue to train, especially in economic, financial and legal matters related to our activity.

3. Unique customer experience

Our customers’ satisfaction is what drives us. That is why we attach great importance to:

  • listening to our customers’ requests;
  • establishing a dialogue of trust;
  • acting with integrity at all times;
  • demonstrating a proactive attitude;
  • making our clients aware of the language and techniques of insurance so that they can gradually take ownership of their contracts.
Unique customer experience

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