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Founded by proven experts in risk management and insurance, ABIL has been supporting its clients for over 5 years.

Our team
Bannière clients établies au Luxembourg et Europe

Based in Luxembourg but working across Europe

Our multicultural team can assist you in France, Belgium, Germany and beyond.

Our services
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Our hallmark: tailor-made solutions

In insurance, «one size fits all» is an illusion! We negotiate the terms and conditions that best suit each of our clients.

Our strengths

A reliable and local expert

At your side, providing guidance!

We help you to identify the right questions and to answer them.

Have you identified all the risks your company is facing?

What would be the impact of a loss on the company's equity or liquidity?

Are the insurance policies taken out by the company still adequate?
Do they follow the company's development?

Notre vision

We offer both risk management consultancy and insurance brokerage services

The insurance products we cover include D&O, E&O, Fraud, Cyber, Transactional (M&A, Tax Liability, Contingent Liability) and many others.

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5 strengths that make us different


  • Risk Manager
  • Insurer
  • Broker


  • Business
  • Legal
  • Financial


  • Based in Luxembourg
  • Globally oriented

Beyond Brokerage

  • Negotiated contracts
  • Bespoke solutions


  • At all times
  • And for all our clients

A reliable and local expert. At your side, providing guidance!

Our clients

ABIL counts among its clients a multitude of companies with a variety of business profiles.

Our clients include financial institutions (PE/VC managers, real estate asset managers, management companies, investment funds...), Luxembourg-based multinational companies, independent administrators, trustees, tax specialists, fintechs, startups, IT consultants and software developers.

Our services

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Published on 19/09/2022

M&A transactions and W&I insurances

The M&A market has evolved in the wake of the successive Covid and energy crises. Today, buyers are increasingly...

Concerns by directors and officers about the risks of personal liability have increased over the years, most probably as...

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Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing

Warren Buffet

L'homme qui ne tente rien ne se trompe qu'une fois

Lao Tseu

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A competent and dedicated team

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