Insurance brokerage

An independent broker at your side

How important is the broker’s independence to you? Why is it essential in the event of a claim? Why do you need a broker to negotiate with insurance companies?

ABIL is an insurance broker completely independent from insurance companies. We are not ‘insurance agents’ but rather defend your interests alone against those of the companies. This is, of course, important when selecting insurers or negotiating policies. And it becomes even more significant in the event of a claim when you will rely on us to navigate through the storm.

ABIL specializes particularly in ‘financial lines’ and transactional insurance.

Financial Lines insurances

Assurances Financial Lines
  • D&O (“Directors & Officers Liability Insurance”): covering the personal liability of the directors and officers of a company;
  • E&O (“Errors & Omissions Insurance”): covering the liability of the company and its employees for financial damage caused to third parties during their professional activities;
  • Cyber risks: covering (a) direct damage such as data loss, indirect damage like business interruption. It also includes coverage for company’s liability to third parties following a cyberattack or data breach;
  • Fraud : covering damages incurred by the company due to fraud or theft committed by an employee or third party;
  • EPL (“Employment Practices Liability Insurance”): protecting the company against litigation initiated by its own employees related to the employment relationship;
  • Kidnap & Ransom: providing coverage for kidnapping, extortion, arbitrary detention, or hijacking incidents involving a person protected by the policy.

Transactional Insurances include :

  • W&I (“Warranties & Indemnities Liability Insurance”): covering the seller’s liability in relation to the representations & warranties made or given in an M&A transaction;
  • Tax Liability Insurance : providing coverage for a company against the risk of tax recharacterisation in a financial transaction;
  • Contingent Liability Insurance : offering protection for a company against the risk of an unfavourable outcome in pending litigation;
  • Non Payment Insurance (NPI): insurance taken out by lenders to cover the counterparty risk of the borrower.
Transactional Insurances

Our « one-stop-shop » solutions

ABIL also provides “one-stop-shop” solutions. In addition to the insurances mentioned above, we also manage other related insurances, such as general liability or product liability insurance. For other insurance lines (life, transportation/travel, construction, fire, vehicles, etc.), we have access to our network of IAA partners. By contacting ABIL, our clients can access a comprehensive range of insurance expertise.

Our brokerage services

Nos services de courtages

As part of our brokerage mandate, you can rely on the following services:

  • drafting a detailed request for proposal to insurers;
  • comparing offers;
  • presenting the offers to the client and assisting with the shortlisting;
  • negotiating insurance proposals on behalf of the client;
  • implementing insurance and providing administrative follow-up;
  • handling claims;
  • proactively monitoring your company’s development;
  • updating contracts upon renewal.

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