Corporate Risk Management Consulting

Ask yourself the right questions!

How can you identify the risks incurred by your company, evaluate their frequency and severity? What criteria should be used to analyze this information from a risk management perspective? What are the advantages of outsourcing your risk management? How can insurance be beneficial?

You can rely on ABIL to assist you in answering all these questions. Our team has a strong background in enterprise risk management.

A service tailored to the specificities of your company

Our consulting activity is designed to assist you in all internal activities relating to risk management, considering the specific characteristics of your company (liquidity, stage of development, internal organization…) as well as the market in which you operate (international exposure, retail risks…).

Corporate Risk Management Consulting

Our consulting services

Corporate Risk Management Consulting

Depending on your needs, our consulting missions typically include the following services:

  • risk analysis and mapping;
  • drafting memos for the management;
  • auditing insurance policies;
  • assisting in claims management;
  • conducting benchmarking studies.

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